Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Poem by AH: My eyes have seen a lot...has yours?

My eyes have seen a lot...has yours?
Where are you as I wait at the top of the stairs for you to return?
March 29th 2016 I needed you
now you message me? what will this lead to?
I remember the bang as I hide here alone and scared
where my life almost ended.....
I pack my own lunch why don't you do it?
music is my escape
school is where I'll always be successful

     AH, a youth in Laraway's therapeutic foster care program, attends a local public high school.  She  plans to become a cosmetologist and is enrolled in an academic program in which she's actively shadowing practitioners as she learns about the field.  She's also part of  a Photo Voice project, funded by a grant from Healthy Lamoille Valley, in which Laraway youth are documenting the impact of substance abuse via photos and text.
     Laraway will co-host an Opening Reception with Healthy Lamoille Valley at Laraway's Johnson Campus on March 13th, 2018.  Stay tuned for details.

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