About Laraway

Laraway Youth and Family Services strives to help children and families learn, heal, grow.
Laraway proudly serves children, youth and families from across Vermont, helping them to transform their lives for the better.
Our staff of highly skilled and compassionate professionals provides direct services, information and support to those in our care and to their parents, families and caregivers.
Our programs and services are designed to improve and enrich the lives of our students, and to help them make lifelong connections.  Every day at Laraway:
  • Children who experience learning disabilities are inspired to learn
  • Children challenged by mental health issues receive therapeutic support
  • Children who have been abused or neglected receive the support and resources they need to thrive
  • Children who experience emotional and behavioral disorders learn to express their feelings, develop positive relationships and find success at school
  • Children learn to be safe, responsible and respectful
  • Children learn to exercise their bodies and eat healthy food
  • Parents, guardians and foster families receive critical in-home supports
  • Families receive the support, resources and information they need to appropriately care and advocate for their children
We measure our success one child at a time…in small steps and giant leaps of faith.
Personal growth.  Academic strides.  Re-establishing connections with family and community.  Transitioning to the least restrictive environment that will accommodate their needs.  This is the work we do.  This is the work we are passionate about.

We embrace the challenge of helping youth to recover from trauma while discovering the special and unique gifts they bring to the world

Laraway's Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision
All children and families belong to nurturing communities.
Our Mission
Providing opportunities for children and families to recognize their individual strengths while supporting them to grow and contribute within our communities
Our Values
We embrace a youth centered and family focused philosophy by
  • Listening to the voice of the child and striving to act in his or her best interest
  • Appreciating diverse family cultures
  • Honoring youth and their families by preserving, supporting and strengthening their bonds
We promote respect for individuals and organizations by
  • Recognizing the potential of all human beings
  • Celebrating differences and accomplishments
  • Seeking to create and maintain relationships based on trust and integrity
We create opportunities and strive to empower youth and their families by
  • Identifying individual strengths
  • Coordinating the creation of realistic action plans
  • Seeking and integrating feedback
We value building community and encouraging giving back by
  • Believing a strong Laraway family is the foundation of our work
  • Promoting participation in local activities and culture
  • Fostering professional partnerships and alliances
  • Supporting youth in transitions to families and communities

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