Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Have Justice---Will Travel Founder Visits Laraway

Wynona Ward, Esq., founder of Have Justice—Will Travel, offered three pieces of advice for youth in Laraway’s foster care program:  “Get an education.  Establish short term and long term goals, and see the world, that’s really important, too.”
Ward grew up in rural Vermont in a family experiencing domestic violence.  She later crisscrossed America’s lower forty-eight states as a truck driver before entering law school.  She is credited with creating an innovative, mobile, multi-services program that assists victims of domestic violence through the legal process, from relief from abuse orders to self-sufficiency and independence.  Her model is particularly adept at serving clients in rural areas where geographic isolation can impede access to services.
“Wynona serves as a real inspiration to our youth,” said Becca Hemmer, Director of Laraway’s foster care program.  “She showed how personal life experiences can inform our career choices.  She helps victims of domestic violence engage the legal and social service systems to forge new and peaceful lives.” 
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