Monday, December 30, 2013

Rich Farrell elected Vice President of VCORP

     Rich Farrell, Assistant Director of Substitute Care at Laraway Youth & Family Services, was elected Vice President of the Vermont Coalition of Residential Providers (VCORP).  The coalition is comprised of people, resources and programs focused on the well-being of Vermont’s children and families experiencing out-of-home care placements for kids.
     “Any opportunity to improve the lives of the children and families we work with is a privilege,” Farrell says. 
Laraway responds to the needs of at-risk kids and their families by offering innovative, strength-based services through alternative education, therapeutic foster care, and public school based support programs.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Houses of Gingerbread and Spice

The gingerbread houses perched in Laraway's conference room beckon with a gentle prod.  Peppermint spirals, white chocolate drops, and other confections wrapped in colorful foil are artfully arranged and cemented with royal icing. 
Colors tease and tantalize, but it’s the sweet fusion of ginger and nutmeg subsumed in a sea of molasses, eggs and flour---real, genuine gingerbread---that draw folks in with their holiday aroma.
 Chris, a student at Laraway School, has been building the edible edifice featured in the image below.  He and his classmates have been working with Aaron McGee, Walter Wendling, Dave Ward, Cherise Boutin and James Marsh to design, build and even wire with lights and music these culinary masterpieces. 
As we prepare for the holidays, the learning continues.  We offer you greetings of the season.