Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jam Session: Animal Crackers and Chopin, too

     The Second Congregational Church hosted a fun and musically diverse Jam Session on Friday evening, April 29th in Hyde Park. Ted Lambert served as Emcee, entertaining the audience with church bulletin missprints --- a unique and family friendly source of humor!
     The century-old structure with soaring ceilings and exquisite stained glass boasts fine acoustics in the small town church.  Church and community members played piano, organ, guitar, flute, harp, concertina and even ukelele.  Audience members were treated to spirited renditions of Shirley Temple's Animal Crackers, African American spirituals, and ditties from the Shetland Islands.  Bach made an appearance at the organ.  The music of Chopin and Debussy graced the keys of the grand piano, played by church choir director Melissa Senesac.  The range of music from blues to musicals to classical to ragtime was impressive.
     Thank you to members of Hyde Park's Second Congregationsal Church and all who turned out for the event.  Funds raised support Laraway's Crisis Fund.  For more information about Laraway's Crisis Fund, please contact Katherine Stamper at 802-635-2805 x 106 or

Laraway's Julie Landry and a community friend
Musicians tuning their instruments
Laraway's Greg Stefanski, Melissa Senesac and Laraway Board Member Kyle Senesac