Monday, July 21, 2014

Free Write: What one child says about Laraway's Summer Program


     Today was actually pretty great.  At first I was on a bad note.  After I got to take a break I played kickball. I hurt my ankle but unfortunately I had to sit out.  It was my choice to either sit out or play.  I made the right choice.  Today, Jack drove us all the way to Lake Caspian.  Me and Sarah swam for about 15 or 20 minutes then we ate.  Yum, yum.  Yeah today was pretty great.

Names changed to protect confidentiality. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Leadership Lamoille releases findings of their "Start Here, Go Anywhere" report on Laraway

Employee recruitment and retention can be a challenge for many employers. As Laraway grows, we've had to cast our net more broadly to attract, retain and develop employees. When the Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce invited project proposals for their Leadership Lamoille Class of 2014, Laraway threw its hat in the ring and was one of two proposals accepted.

Our Leadership Lamoille team members included: Melissa Greene, Union Bank; Tommy Smith, Smugglers' Notch Resort; Jane Paine, Lamoille Home Health & Hospice; Erica Bent, Green Mountain Technology & Career Center; and Savannah Droney, Mansfield Orthopedics.

Ten Lamoille County businesses participated in the "Start here, go anywhere" employee satisfaction survey. There was a 60/40 split between non-profit and for-profit organizations.
Laraway-specific results revealed Laraway staff satisfaction as either the same or more positive than the overall business community with 99% of employees reporting that they enjoyed going to work. Client-related issues emerged as the most stressful aspect for Laraway employees while helping clients and witnessing their successes brought the most satisfaction. For a summary of findings, please visit News & Events at our website at
. The report offered interesting findings on millennials and concrete suggestions to enhance recruitment and retention.

"The employment survey gave great insight to many areas but, for me, the two categories that stood out the most were, 'Does your input matter?' and 'Do you have a sense of commitment to your organization?'" observed Melissa Greene. "The percentages for these categories were very high for Laraway and show that employees feel valued by their employer. As a supervisor, the overall findings will help me connect better to my staff."

We appreciate the efforts of our team and their suggestions for how we can become an even better employer. We also offer special congratulations to Rhonda Stuart, Laraway's Human Resources Director, who was also a member of the Leadership Lamoille Class of 2014. Her team researched and recommended strategies for expanding safe and affordable house for all in the Lamoille region.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Program in Full Swing at Laraway

     Sixty-four children and youth, from elementary school through high school, are participating in Laraway's five-week summer program.  Fun, games, community service, outdoor physical activity and a little bit of learning help to keep kids engaged.
     Volunteer sites include Meals on Wheels, the Morristown Library, Hope Grows and the Farm Between.  Kids and staff also spending time in Laraway's garden, tending food and flowers.  Our cafeteria serves up fresh meals from the garden throughout the growing season.  Giving back to one's community promotes a sense of connection and empathy.
     Field trips offer kids the opportunity to explore new venues while developing and reinforcing positive behavior skills.  Visits to the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center and Ben & Jerry's teach program participants about Lake Champlain and the art and craft of making premium ice cream.  Samples of the sweet stuff enhance the ice cream factory tour!
     Classroom time includes reading, journaling and nifty math games that sharpen kids' thinking skills---just in time to go for a swim at Crystal Lake or one of our other local swimming spots.
     Breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack are served every day, keeping kids fueled for adventure.  Laraway's Summer Program runs through August 5th.