Thursday, February 28, 2019

Chamber of Commerce names Laraway Staffer 2019 Employee of the Year

     Rick Aupperlee has worked for Laraway Youth & Family Services for 18 years.  In his present role as School-to-Work Coordinator, he introduces students to the work world.  He helps them understand expectations and supports needed to find success on the job.  He also works with employers to insure they feel well-supported as they help youth find their footing at work.
     Rick is a strong advocate for hunger awareness and action.  Laraway's School-to-Work students often start with volunteer experiences at local food shelves and the Johnson Community Meal.  They develop valuable work readiness skills (e.g., showing up on time, maintaining a positive attitude, completing tasks as requested, etc.).  
     "...Rick always has a smile on his face, everybody knows his name just like 'Norm' on Cheers in this town," wrote Tom Fondakowski, Dining Services Director at Northern Vermont University and Johnson Community Meal partner.  "Rick is a soft spoken, modest man, but his tireless efforts, in my opinion, don't get recognized by our community leaders and I wanted to make sure he gets some recognition for everything he does, not only for his community, but giving our youth opportunity at Laraway, assistance to those in need, and coordinating all of us."
     Congratulations, Rick!  We are fortunate to count you as a colleague.

(PHOTO:  Orah Moore Photography)