Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How Does Laraway's Garden Grow? Move over Iceberg, lettuce, that is!

    Red romaine lettuce found its way onto the tables of royalty for centuries.  History records the presence of this vibrantly colored vegetable in the dining halls of Persian Kings as far back as 55 B.C. 
     Laraway Farm's bountiful---if somewhat less "royal"---gardens abound this summer with herbs, potatoes, garlic and all sorts of leafy greens simmering in the sunshine, waiting to be picked.  Red romaine, with its mild flavor and vibrant hues, is a great addition to Laraway's table.
     Kids and staff were out on a recent morning plucking lettuce from our fertile, organic soil.  With a high germination rate and minimal pests, red romaine towers over iceberg lettuce with more than five times the Vitamin C.  As kids learn to garden, they also get to feast on our Farm's best pickings in Laraway's cafeteria.  It doesn't get much better---or healthier---than this!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Going for the Garlic

     Laraway teachers Walter Wendling and Aaron McGee, with their students, planted a garlic crop at Laraway Farm last spring.  The plantings have proven resilient---not unlike the kids we serve---amid early summer's gray skies and torrential rains.
     Although the garlic bulbs won't be ready for picking until the fall, garlic scapes---the curling tops of garlic plants which are both edible and delicious---have been harvested for use in Laraway's kitchen. 
     Pictured in the photo at right are Lisa Rock, Laraway's cook, and Marcella Houghton, our Americorp volunteer.  Garlic scapes can be chopped like scallions and added to salads.  They can be pickled and sauteed.  They're also known to make a tasty green garlic pesto.  As summer progresses, we look forward to integrating more produce from our garden into the breakfasts and lunches served at Laraway.  Happy summer!