Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On track to graduate

DC is on track.  He’s graduating from Hazen Union High School in June, having successfully completed one year in the construction program at the Green Mountain Technical and Career Center (GMTCC).  His is hopeful that his part-time job at All Metals Recycling in Hardwick becomes full-time upon graduation. He’s a certified boxing trainer.  He comes from a family with a military background and plans to enlist in the coming year.
            At nineteen, DC stands 5’9” and 200 pounds.  “I like picking up heavy things,” he says with a hint of a laugh."  DC sorts and grades different metals at his job and prepares them for shipment.  “I’m a hands-on sort of guy.”
            DC’s participation in boxing seems a logical extension of his kinesthetic strengths.  He trains for and participates in bouts sponsored by the Northern New England Golden Gloves of Vermont.  He’s completed certification to be a trainer.  He’s presently training a 50-year-old man eager to learn the sport.
            DC speaks with fondness for his own trainer, Armand Geleno.  “He’s 89 and he has more heart than anyone I know.”
            School wasn’t always a positive experience for DC.  After encountering some difficulties, he was assigned a Behavioral Interventionist (BI) from Laraway’s Backpack Program to work with him in 7th grade at his public school. 
            “At first, I wasn’t too happy having someone with me at school,” he said.  “He did help me knuckle down and do my work.  It’s a really good support system, helping me to focus on my goals and what I need to do to achieve them.”
            Incentives are woven into the Backpack program.  Students who meet their goals during the week choose a fun activity to engage in with their BI.  DC particularly enjoyed ice fishing.  He remains an avid fisherman, fishing all the time.  Asked if he preferred a particular catch, he said, “Anything I can fry up” and then volunteered that brook trout sautéed with a bit of butter is especially good!
            As he reflects on his high school experience, DC is particularly proud of a project he worked on at GMTCC.  Students built a double-wide modular home.  He worked on the roofing, flooring and walls.
            “The building got done,” he said.  “Someone is currently living in it.”
            After graduation, DC plans to work full-time for a year and then enlist in the military.  He has family members who’ve served in the Army.
            “It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time,” DC said.  “It’s a chance to learn, to gain discipline.  It’s a good opportunity to give back.”
            "DC has been a pleasure to be able to work with and watch grow into a strong, funny, witty and charismatic young man," said Brittany Rogers, a Laraway Behavior Consultant.  "He has worked very hard in the past two years to prepare himself for this upcoming transition into independence.  I wish him the best and look forward to hearing about his successes when I see him in the future."
              "Since starting to work with DC, he has continued to show growth and demonstrate responsibility," said Laraway Case Manager Elysa Daily.  "Having been able to get connected with a job through Pathways at his school has really helped him to meet his goals and strive to be better!  We will all be sad to see DC transition out, but wish him the best of luck after he graduates!"

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